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Strategic Planning
Identifying trends and adapting to new realities is essential for any organization, public or private. Our strategic planning services can help you identify your niche in tomorrow's market, build vital relationships in the community, and strengthen your organization against whatever new challenge the future holds.

Board Development and Governance

Successful organizations require sound leadership. Let Praxis assist your organization’s senior executives and board members to establish and maintain a strong culture of management and stewardship. Praxis' team of experts will work with new and existing board members to help them better understand their roles and responsibilities in the organization, organize themselves into cohesive committees, and plan for succession.


Programming and Operational Planning
Sometimes, all an organization needs is a neutral view on their operations and programs. Praxis works with agencies to help them run more efficiently and effectively while keeping an eye toward fulfilling mission and vision. 

Start-up Services
Praxis is here to help you on the right path when you are starting your new non-profit. We will walk you through the process of incorporating and establishing corporate by-laws. During this process, we also work with the start-up on understanding the ins and outs of governing an organization.


Building Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

In a competitive marketplace, the best route for an organization often involves exploring and cultivating relationships with other like-minded groups. The team of consultants at Praxis specializes in helping organizations to build collaborations in order to achieve greater heights than may be possible by going it alone.

Data Driven Planning for Directors and Executives

Leaders across all sectors are learning that data-driven decision-making is not just a passing fad. At Praxis, we understand this new reality and are prepared to help you make sound decisions to better position your organization in a quickly changing climate.

Sustainability Planning

Whether the goal of your organization is to “go green” or simply maintain viability in challenging economic conditions, Praxis’ network of consultants can help. Our team can assess your needs and help you implement a plan of action to help you reach your goals.
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