Resource Development


In today's world, companies have to be innovative and effective when working to bring resources into the organization.  Praxis Strategies & Solutions offers a variety of strategies to assist your organization in resource development.

Resource Development Planning

Whether your organization is trying to establish new funding streams or expand an already robust resource base, Praxis provides the tools and expertise for your organization to remain viable and thrive in an uncertain economic climate.


Major Gifts Fundraising

Praxis understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships with key funding contributors. Major gift contributors do more than just provide critical funding; they provide support and share organizational values. Praxis’ team of consultants has the knowledge and experience you need to help your organization foster these relationships and build your organization for the future.

Annual Giving Campaign Planning
Praxis team members realize that organizations depend on a continuous stream of funds and donations throughout the year. We work with each individual client in order to build an annual giving plan tailored to your specific needs and timelines.

Capital Campaign Planning
Capital campaigns can be an extensive use of staff and board members' time and energy. Praxis can help ease the burden. We will conduct a feasibility study to determine if the organization is in a position to begin a capital campaign.  We will then build a plan of how to reach the goal and keep campaigners on task and on timeline. Praxis can train your staff and board on how to pitch to donors of all sizes.

Proposal Writing

Writing proposals and performing program evaluations can be daunting tasks for staff, especially if they are unfamiliar with these processes. Praxis will assist organizations in writing literature reviews and plans for evaluation for proposals for funding. Let Praxis work with you to impress your grantors with a scientifically sound evaluation plan for your program.