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Here at Praxis Strategies & Solutions, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality research. Specializing in experimental, quasi-experimental, process and summative designs, we have experienced staff and readily available resources including our Solutions Center to produce the type of high-quality research that our clients can utilize with confidence. We construct and execute surveys, focus groups, and 1-on-1 interviews that are methodologically impeccable. No matter the type of analysis, Praxis delivers results that our clients can use with confidence.

Praxis specializes in the following types of research:


Social Science Research
Praxis consultants are experts in a variety of social sciences and are equipped to conduct empirical research regarding education, youth programming, social services, and community health.

Needs Assessment
When an organization is looking to add additional services to their programming, it is important to understand the need and feasibility of the services. Praxis looks at the demand for services for specific geographic regions and targeted populations.


Survey Construction and Sampling

The Solutions Center at Praxis has the tools you need to construct quality surveys that get to the heart of your research goals. Part of conducting sound research involves ensuring the construction of a quality sample. Praxis understands the importance of building a robust sample and has the tools and expertise you need to make this happen.

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