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Praxis Strategies & Solutions has delivered trainings in various fields and is available to conduct trainings, workshops, or presentations to your business or organization. Praxis trainings and workshops will endow your company with the tools to carry out your mission long after our trainers have left the premises. Below is a condensed list of available trainings delivered by Praxis.

Outcome Measurement Training

Part of successfully providing services involves demonstrating your success. As funding streams constrict, organizations with verifiable measurable outcomes position themselves to obtain funding and continue to thrive. Praxis specializes in helping your organization to understand outcome measurement and develop systems that work for you.

Staff Training
Let Praxis work with you on all levels of professional and organizational development. Our team of experts can walk your entire staff or board through any of our processes on program planning, operational planning, data collection and analysis, and a number of other topics. 

Board Training
A viable not-for-profit organization requires a sound board of directors. Praxis' team of experts will work with new and existing board members to help them better understand their roles and responsibilities in the organization, organize themselves into cohesive committees, and plan for succession.

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